top 9 garlic benefits | diy home remedies with garlic – health & skin care


top 9 garlic benefits | diy home remedies with garlic – health & skin care with photos. garlic is considered as the world’s healthiest foods and one of the best vegetable with several health benefits. garlic are not only used in cooking but also for medicinal purposes, skin and hair care. i have mentioned 9 major uses in this article. however there are myriad uses and  significances of garlic.
top 9 garlic benefits

top 9 garlic benefits | diy home remedies with garlic – health & skin care with step by step photos. garlic, scientific name is ‘allium sativum’ which is rich in vitamin b. garlic is called ‘lahsun’ in hindi, ‘lasuna’ in marathi, ‘lasana’ in gujrati, ‘bellulli’ in kannada, ‘puntu’ in tamil,’vellulli’ in telugu,’vellutulli’ in malayalam.

in addition, there are several myths about garlic along with garlic benefits.  one of the myth is that garlic is good for health whether it is cooked or raw. but the fact is, only raw garlic is helpful. due to cooking, protein present in garlic will be vanished. the other myth is, there is no solution for garlic breathe. but the fact is, eating banana or apple solves the issue. garlic are grown in tropical areas all over the world.

diy home remedies with garlic

furthermore, the other garlic benefits is due to the presence of sulfur compound called ‘allicin’ in garlic, is very good for heart and blood system. it prevents cancer, diabetes, swine flu, common cold and cough. garlic can also help to prevent bacterial and fungal infections. additionally, garlic are also added to our diet as it may lowers cholesterol, and controls weight. due to its anti bacterial and anti viral properties, it cures ear aches too. applying garlic juice to skin helps in curing skin infections and acne.

finally, i would like to conclude with one of the main garlic benefits. garlic is a very common ingredient in every indian kitchen and used in most recipes. the main significance of garlic is used  as a flavouring agent in foods and marination process. the special fragrance of garlic introduces a new dimension to any recipes.

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tips of garlic and garlic benefits – health & skin care benefits

  1. firstly, consuming garlic juice with honey for a week kills stomach worm.
    top 9 garlic benefits
  2. also, consuming 5-6 garlic cloves with boiled milk, turmeric and jaggery treats long term cold and cough.
    diy home remedies with garlic
  3. additionally, applying garlic with butter heals wounds.
    diy home remedies with garlic
  4. consuming garlic with sugar syrup treats cough and provides effective relief for cough, nasal congestion and sore throat.
    diy home remedies with garlic
  5. in addition, boiling 3-4 garlic clove with one glass of water and consuming it thrice a day cures menstrual pain.
    top 9 garlic benefits
  6. consuming crushed one clove garlic with a pinch of hing and 10 grams of ghee twice a day after food reduces delivery pain.
    top 9 garlic benefits
  7. furthermore, applying crushed burnt garlic with turmeric cures boils.
    top 9 garlic benefits
  8. to fix hairline cracks, rub crushed garlic juice on it.
    top 9 garlic benefits
  9.  finally, to peel the skin of the garlic easier, soak it in water for few minutes.
    top 9 garlic benefits


  • firstly, consuming excess garlic may cause mouth burn, nausea, diarrheas, bleeding of nose.
  • also avoid consuming garlic before surgeries.
  • further make sure, not to consume more than 2-3 garlic pods per day.
  • in addition, consuming garlic is unsafe for pregnant women.
  • always store garlic in a basket with ventilation holes and do not store in a air tight container.
  • also do not store garlic in fridge as it may loose its flavour.
  • additionally, applying garlic oil to skin and nails prevents fungal infections.
  • also garlic improves bone health, boosts immune system, cures  stomach ache, tooth sensitivity and gastritis problem.
  • finally, the other garlic benefits include by applying garlic oil or rubbing crushed garlic to head prevents hair loss.


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