how to celebrate diwali festival | eco friendly diwali festival information

how to celebrate diwali festival | eco friendly diwali festival information with some ideas. diwali is around the corner and this festival of lights signals the triumph of good over the evil. diwali is a great time for the family to get together, conversations, celebrations, and to celebrate diwali festivalcelebrating diwali festival does not have to be all about spending a huge amount on crackers and expensive gifts, but instead one can always use innovative and homemade ways to do the house! it can be completely eco-friendly and it can be fun too.

here are some fun-filled activities to celebrate diwali festival and make it a memorable and meaningful festival for your children. the best part about these activities is they all are eco-friendly and environmentally safe. your kids are also sure to have fun lending a hand!

eco friendly diwali festival information

in this post of on how to celebrate diwali festival, i have described few diwali gift ideas which are eco-friendly and environmental safety. i would like to hear more from you and do let me know your thoughts by dropping a comment below. i have not specifically mentioned the firecrackers and i would like to hear about the alternatives for it without compromising the fun.

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celebrate diwali festival with diyas instead of candles and electric lights

the best thing about diwali is lighting diyas. diyas burn mustard oil which actually works as a natural mosquito repellent, unlike candles. paraffin candles often cause more pollution in the environment. they release toxins, which eventually damage the air quality in your house.

how to celebrate diwali festival | eco friendly diwali festival informationavoid using electric lights to illuminate and decorate your home. it will not only reduce the amount of electricity consumption but will also enhance the aura of diyas. don’t forget to include your little one; it is the most enjoyable activity for them. keep them busy by getting them to decorate and colour the diyas.

benefit: keeps your child busy while you prepare meals in the kitchen.

make rangoli with natural color, rice flour, and beautiful flowers

in earlier times, natural rangoli was a way to feed the birds, ants, and insects. you can make rangoli using rice flour or dry rice paste. to make colourful rangoli, you can create natural colors like turmeric (for yellow), red chilli powder (for red, marron), cardamom (for green).

how to celebrate diwali festival | eco friendly diwali festival informationadditionally, you can also make use of rose petals, marigold, jasmines, and lilies to enhance the rangoli. kids love rangoli making! though it is an activity that might require some precision and skills but you can always invite them to separate the petals, selecting colours, mixing etc.

benefit: using natural options ensures that your home remains toxin-free.

make your own home décor using art and craft.

you can use colourful sarees, stoles and dupattas to decorate your home. you just need to be little creative, instead of going on a shopping spree. golden brocade sarees can be upcycled as drapes.

how to celebrate diwali festival | eco friendly diwali festival informationyou can also use child’s craft materials like glitter papers, rice papers, tissues to make and decorate paper lanterns. instead of buying new flower vases paint and decorate the old ones. you can paint paper cuttings in different shapes and hang them from the ceilings.

benefit: art and craft are like montessori activities and games for kids which they will enjoy doing.

give handmade gifts and wrap them into paper instead of shiny plastic wrapping

spread the cheer this diwali by select the gifts, which are handmade like cloth bags, cotton dresses and handloom sarees. you can also gift plants if you have a green thumb. handmade and customised soaps, lotions and beeswax candles are a rage these days. they make wonderful and thoughtful gifts.

how to celebrate diwali festival | eco friendly diwali festival informationyou can also make handmade wrapping paper instead of wrapping it in a shiny plastic gift paper – which is just going to get dumped in the landfill!

hope these diy tips for a natural diwali proved useful to you. whichever way you choose to celebrate diwali, here’s wishing you a great one!

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