top 7 milk benefits | diy home remedies with milk


top 7 milk benefits | diy home remedies with milk with photos. milk is considered as one of the best beverages with several health benefits. milk is not only used as a food product for consuming, but also for medicinal purposes, cooking purposes and also skin care. i have mentioned 7 major tips of milk in this article. however there are myriad uses and significance of milk.
diy home remedies with milk

top 7 milk benefits | diy home remedies with milk with step by step photos. milk contains nutrients like calcium, protein, potassium, iodine, vitamins and also ‘lactosesugar. milk is called ‘doodh’ in hindi, marathi and gujarati, ‘haalu’ in kannada, ‘pal’ in malayalam and tamil, ‘pala’ in telugu. milk is consumed in all part of india in day to day life.

in addition, there are few myths about milk along with milk benefits. the most common myth is that consumption of milk leads to kidney stones. however this is not true. the other myth is that, organic milk is better compared to regular milk. but the fact is, both are same. one more myth is that, packaged milk contains preservatives. but the fact is, they are preservative free. the last myth is that, raw milk is more nutritious than pasteurized milk. but the fact is, consuming raw milk leads to serious health problems.

top 7 milk benefitsfurthermore, milk benefits to build muscles, strong bones and also healthy teeth. they soothe nerves, lowers high blood pressure hence reduce the risk of strokes and heart diseases. milk also lowers the risk of cancer, boosts immunity system and cures respiratory problems. consuming milk also reduces stress, gives relaxation to body and mind. vitamin a and b helps to maintain good eye sight.

finally, to conclude with one of the basic uses of milk. milk is one of the basic food item in every indian kitchen. milk is used in the preparation of tea, coffeemilkshakes, soups, sauces there by adds nutrients to diet. milkmaid / condensed milk are used in the preparation of wide variety of delicious sweets and desserts. milk is also added to vegetable pulao with water to give rich taste and flavour to it.

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tips of milk and milk benefits :

  1. firstly, consuming a glass hot milk with ½ tsp turmeric early morning cures cold and throat pain.
    top 7 milk benefits
  2. also, consuming milk with almond paste and little jaggery/honey early morning for 15 days cures migraine.
    diy home remedies with milk
  3. applying banana paste with milk reduces wrinkles.
    diy home remedies with milk
  4. in addition, consuming soaked dried dates with milk cures piles.
    diy home remedies with milk
  5. furthermore, washing face in milk in winter season avoids breaking of skin.
    top 7 milk benefits
  6. consuming hot milk with little pepper powder and crystal sugar cures cold.
    top 7 milk benefits
  7. finally, drinking a cup of milk with little turmeric and honey cures excess thirstiness.
    diy home remedies with milk


  • firstly, excess consumption of milk leads to constipation, kidney stones, kidney failure, nausea, diarrhea and also gastritis.
  • also, boil, cool and store milk in a closed container/vessel.
  • refrigerate milk but keep away from strong odour food items.
  • furthermore, avoid exposing milk to light as they might loose vitamins from it.
  • always check the best before date before buying the milk.
  • additionally, milk acts as a moisturizer there by removes dead cells, prevents sunburn and also skin irritation.
  • finally, milk helps in maintaining healthy hair, nails, and also cures cracked heels.