top 10 health benefits of black pepper | diy home remedies with black pepper


top 10 health benefits of black pepper | diy home remedies with black pepper with photos. black pepper / peppercorn is the fruit of the black pepper plant. when peppercorn is dried under sun, it shrinks in size. pepper is not only famous for its medicinal purposes but also used for cooking, skin and hair care. i have mentioned 10 major tips in this article. however there are myriad uses and significance of black pepper.
top health benefits of black pepper

top 10 health benefits of black pepper | diy home remedies with black pepper with step by step photos. black pepper – scientific name is piper nigrum. black pepper is also called as ‘kaali mirch’ in hindi, ‘kala mari’ in marathi and gujarathi, ‘kaalu menasu’ in kannada, ‘karumilaku’ in tamil, ‘nalla miriyalu’ in telugu and ‘kurumulak’ in malayalam. black pepper is rich in manganese, iron, potassium, dietary fiber and also vitamin c and k.

pepper is grown in tropical regions, especially in south india, srilanka and brazil. moreover, they come in 3 forms that is black, green and white. in addition, there are many health benefits of black pepper. due to its anti bacterial and anti oxidant properties, they helps in the treatment of cough, cold, flu and congestion. pepper helps to boost metabolism, loose weight, regulates blood pressure and also prevents cancer. they gives relief from respiratory problems, cures indigestion, gastritis, constipation and diarrhea. also, they deals with depression, hyper tension there by controls blood pressure. finally, they helps in the treatment of diabetes thus prevents gangrene.

diy home remedies with black pepperfurthermore, the common myth about the black pepper is they cannot be digested and remains in digestive tract. but the fact is, they are digested just like other spices. also, black pepper is available as whole, crushed or powdered form. pepper plays a important role in skin and hair care. they prevents wrinkles, acne and black heads there by lightens skin. also, they helps to get rid of scars, dark spots, skin ageing and thus heals insect bites. black pepper helps in hair growth, to get rid of dandruff, there by maintaining shiny strong hair.

finally, i would like to conclude with one of the basic use of black pepper. black pepper is most common ingredient in every indian kitchen. crushed pepper is used as seasoning to main dishes, soups, salads, pastas. powdered pepper are sprinkled to watermelon, lemon and strawberry there by they spice up desserts. moreover, sprinkling pepper powder to fried rice enhances the taste of it. whole pepper is used in the preparation of pulao and biriyani. also, black pepper is used the preparation of beverages like masala tea and coffee. black pepper, used as spice to various dishes there by adds special fragrance and flavour to it.

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tips of black pepper and black pepper benefits :

  1. firstly, applying pepper – turmeric and rosewater / pepper – curd / milk – pepper / aloevera – pepper to skin gives clear soothing skin.
    top health benefits of black pepper
  2. consuming crushed pepper cures cold, phlegm (kapha)  and also dry, wet and chronic cough.
    diy home remedies with black pepper
  3. also, boil a glass of water along with pepper powder and jaggery. drinking it twice a day cures cough.
    top health benefits of black pepper
  4. consuming crushed pepper with pinch of salt cures throat pain.
    top health benefits of black pepper
  5. furthermore, consuming pepper powder, 1 tsp of ghee and a pinch of salt with rice cures indigestion.
    diy home remedies with black pepper
  6. additionally, intake of curd rice with pepper powder and cures burning of urinary tract.
  7. consuming a boiled glass of milk with turmeric, pepper powder after the food at night cures cold and cough.
    diy home remedies with black pepper
  8. furthermore, applying crushed pepper to gum cures tooth ache.
  9. consuming powdered pepper fried with ghee and mixed with honey thrice a day cures cold and cough.
    diy home remedies with black pepper
  10. finally, grind equal quantity of pepper, mint, tamarind, cardamom with pinch of salt cures stomach ache.
    diy home remedies with black pepper

notes :

  • firstly, black pepper cause sneezing, skin irritation and also skin dryness.
  • excess consumption leads to burning sensation in stomach, eyes and also may lead to death in children.
  • also, inhaling pepper powder directly may cause respiratory problems.
  • avoid consuming pepper in pregnancy and breast feeding.
  • in addition, avoid consuming pepper who undergone abdominal surgery.
  • store black pepper in glass air tight container in cool dry place for longer shelf life.
  • furthermore, pepper looses its aroma if its cooked long, so adding at the end preserves flavour.
  • freshly ground pepper have much flavour than ready ground pepper powder.
  • additionally, black pepper helps in improving eye sight and also cures ear ache.
  • finally, black pepper helps to maintain dental health there by cures tooth decay and also prevents anemia.


  1. Black Pepper is a very useful spice used by the Asians. It has great benefits plus gives a great taste to food. Amazing Black Pepper Benefits article.

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