top 7 health benefits of curry leaves | diy home remedies with curry leaves


top 7 health benefits of curry leaves | diy home remedies with curry leaves with photos. curry leaves are also called as sweet neem leaf. they are aromatic fresh herb grown on curry tree. curry leaves has so many uses from culinary to medicinal. i have mentioned 7 major tips in this article.
health benefits of curry leaves

top 7 health benefits of curry leaves | diy home remedies with curry leaves with step by step photos. curry tree – scientific name is ‘murraya koenigii’. curry leaves are also called as ‘curry patta’ in hindi, ‘kari bevu’ in kannada, ‘kadi patta’ in marathi, ‘kadhi parna’ in gujarati, ‘kari ilai’ in tamil, ‘kura aku’ in telugu and ‘kari ila’ in malayalam. curry leaves are rich in nutrients like fibers, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and copper. they are also rich in antioxidants, amino acids and vitamin a, b, c and e.

in addition, there are many health benefits of curry leaves. they helps to lower the cholesterol level and thus maintains healthy heart. curry leaves strengthens liver, fight against cancer, thus helps in maintaining blood sugar level. they also reduces stomach upset, congestion in chest, nose and also asthma. curry leaves cures kidney problems, diarrhea, constipation and morning sickness in pregnant woman. finally, due to the presence of iron content in curry leaves, they solves the problem of anemia.

diy home remedies with curry leavesfurthermore, curry leaves are used in fresh, dry, paste or in oil form for skin and hair care. curry leaves helps in fast hair growth there by strengthens roots and also prevents in graying of hair. due to its antibacterial properties, they heal wounds, burns, cuts, insect bites and also skin irritation. curry leaves are thus used in the preparation of soap, body lotions, creams, shampoos, air freshener, perfumes, and also massage oils.

in conclusion, curry leaves are most essential ingredient in indian kitchen especially in south india. curries, chutneys, sambar, rasam, salads, upma, and dhoklas are seasoned with curry leaves. seasoning with curry leaves adds aroma, flavour, there by enhances the taste and also nutrition of food. roasted and crushed curry leaves are also used in the preparation of soups.

most popular tips and tricks:

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tips and benefits of curry leaves :

  1. firstly, consuming curry leaves chutney with meals daily helps in weight loss.
  2. also, applying curry leaves paste with turmeric cures acne.
  3. consuming 5 curry leaves, everyday – early morning, prevents diabetes and improves eyesight.
  4. in addition, consuming curry leaves with little honey cures piles.
  5. also, consumption of fried curry leaves powder after meals improves digestion.
  6. furthermore, intake of dry curry leaves cures bad breathe.
  7. finally, consuming curry leaves paste treats in body heat (pitta).

notes :

  • firstly, to store curry leaves longer, dry the curry leaves and refrigerate in a plastic bag with paper towel.
  • also, grind curry leaves with little water, pinch of salt and store in a deep freezer in air tight container.
  • in addition, wash and dry the curry leaves before refrigerating in a closed glass jar.
  • finally, microwaving the curry leaves for about 2 mins and storing in a air tight container gives good result.


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