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Modak Recipe With & Without Mold – Tips & Tricks

modak recipe | easy ukadiche modak recipe | modak banane ki vidhi with step by step photo and video recipe. indian traditional sweets and indian festivals are like synonyms to each other. each festival and occasions has its way of celebrating it with some traditional indian dessert attached to it. one such traditional dessert recipe is easy ukadiche modak recipe made specifically during ganesh chaturthi festival.

Undralla Payasam Recipe | Paal Kozhukattai

undralla payasam recipe | Paal Kozhukattai with jaggery with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Payasam or kheer recipes are perhaps the default or must-do dessert recipes from South Indian cuisine. These are typically made for certain occasions, festivals, or celebrations feasts as offerings. One such easy and simple milk-based payasam dessert recipe is undralla payasam most commonly known as Paal Kozhukattai known for its taste and color.

Palak Paneer Recipe | Spinach Paneer Curry Restaurant Style Tips

palak paneer recipe | how to make palak paneer recipe restaurant style with step by step photo and video recipe. there are myriad paneer curries or paneer recipes originated from the popular punjabi cuisine. each of them maintains a subtle difference and variation with its taste, texture and consistency. one such unique, one of the green colored palak curry is palak paneer with paneer cubes, garam masala and other spices.

Bisi Bele Bath Recipe with Homemade Masala

bisi bele bath recipe | bisibelabath recipe | bisibele bhath or bisibele rice with step by step photo and video recipe. the word bisi bēle bhāt literally means hot lentil rice mixture in kannada language. it is perhaps one of the most common recipe prepared in almost every households in south india. either for breakfast or lunch or even tiffin box, it is one of the most preferred rice recipe.

Pumpkin Soup Recipe | Easy Creamy Pumpkin Soup in Minutes

pumpkin soup recipe | how to prepare easy creamy pumpkin soup with step by step photo and video recipe. the recipe is very simple and is prepared by roasting the pumpkin and some onions. it is followed by grounding the roasted veggies into thick batter. later it is mixed and boiled with vegetable stock till it forms soup consistency.

Paneer Butter Masala Recipe | Cheese Butter Masala

paneer butter masala recipe | butter paneer recipe | cheese butter masala with step by step photo and video recipe. paneer based meals and curries are one of the essential dishes to many vegetarians for their protein offerings. it can be added to rice, bread, pizza, sandwich and even deep-fried snacks, but curries are the popular choice. out of these paneer curries, the paneer butter masala recipe or also known as paneer makhani is a popular choice for its sweet and spicy curry taste.