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Veg Fried Rice Recipe | Chinese Vegetable Fried Rice

veg fried rice recipe | vegetable fried rice | chinese fried rice with step by step photo and video recipe. indian cuisine has been influenced with many overseas cuisines, which has adapted to the local taste buds. fried rice recipe is one such adapted version from the asian cuisine transformed to a popular street food recipes. it has many variations and this recipe post is dedicated to the simple and easy veg fried recipe.

Tomato Rice Recipe within Minutes | Thakali Rice

tomato rice recipe | how to make tomato rice | thakali rice with step by step photo and video recipe. south indian cuisine deals with many flavored rice recipes which is primarily prepared from left over rice. the traditional pulao recipes are cooked from the scratch with rice, veggies and spices mixed and cooked together. but the quick and instant rice recipes like tomato rice, is prepared with cooked rice and prepared within minutes.

Poori Paratha Recipe | How To Make Flaky Poori Parotta

poori paratha recipe | how to make flaky puri paratha | poori parotta with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Poori or deep-fried Indian flatbreads are a super popular choice across India. Typically it is made with a simple process with either a tight wheat or maida flour-based dough which is later transformed into small discs. However, these paratha poori are further extended with layers or lachhedar which makes it flaky and more importantly pleasant and enjoyable eating experience.

Broken Wheat Rava Dosa Recipe | Bansi Rava Dosa

wheat rava dosa recipe | bansi rava dosa | broken wheat dosa with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Instant and healthy dosa recipes are always a popular choice for most breakfast lovers. These are typically made with rice or semolina-based ingredients which makes them easy and simple to prepare, serve and digest. Yet there are myriad other instant dosa recipes and one such healthy dosa recipe is bansi rava dosa recipe known for its texture and softness.

Vegetable Soup Recipe | Mix Veg Soup – Fat Burning Weight...

vegetable soup recipe | mix veg soup recipe | mixed vegetable soup with step by step photo and video recipe. soup recipes are very common across india and all the overseas countries. it is typically served as starters before a meal to improve the appetite, but can also be served for other health related reasons. one such simple, easy and popular healthy soup recipe is vegetable soup recipe known for its filling and nutrients.

Spot Idli Recipe | Hyderabadi Instant Spicy Idli On Tawa

spot idli recipe | Hyderabadi Instant Spicy Idli on Tawa with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Idli and breakfast recipes are synonyms, particularly in South Indian cuisine. There are many myriad ways this simple rice and urad dal-based idli can be prepared, but has also led to so many innovations in the street food varieties. One such popular Hyderabadi street food idli recipe is the spot idli recipe which is prepared instantly without the use of a cooker and steaming.