7 Cup Barfi Recipe | 7 Cup Cake – New Fail...

7 cup barfi recipe | 7 cup burfi | seven cup burfi | seven cup burfi with step by step photo and video recipe. barfi aka indian fudge is a popular indian sweets variety known for its texture and shape. generally it is made with one single hero ingredient with other supporting ingredients to shape and its flavour. however there is this recipe known as 7 cup barfi recipe from south india made with 7 different hero ingredients.

Pizza Sandwich Recipe | Grilled Veg Pizza Sandwiches

pizza sandwich recipe | grilled veg pizza sandwich | pizza sandwiches with step by step photo and video recipe. veg pizza sub sandwich is extremely simple and it hardly takes minutes to prepare it. unlike the traditional pizza which is prepared in oven, pizza sandwich is prepared or grilled in normal pan/grill which makes it less cumbersome and affordable. moreover the recipe is completely open ended and can be prepared with choice of veggies.

Majjige Huli Recipe | Mor Kuzhambu – 2 Ways

majjige huli recipe | kovakkai mor kuzhambu | tindora yoghurt curry with step by step photo and video recipe. south indian cuisine primary deals with breakfast recipes and with curries like sambar and rasam for the main course. generally the sambar or rasam recipes typically contain toor dal for the consistency and texture. but some recipes use curd or yoghurt for its base and such recipes are known by majjige huli or mor kuzhambu.

Veg Handi Recipe | Mixed Vegetable Handi – Dhaba Style

veg handi recipe | veg diwani handi recipe | mixed vegetable handi with step by step photo and video recipe. basically the recipe got its name by the way it is prepared or cooked in a large wide-mouthed cooking vessel. typically handi recipes are prepared in a large mouthed clay pot. however the new, robust and more sophisticated cooking vessels have replaced them. yet the cooking techniques and recipes remain the same which gives this recipe same taste.

Namkeen Seviyan Recipe | Savory Vermicelli – Best Breakfast

namkeen seviyan recipe | Saviour Vermicelli - Best Breakfast with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Vermicelli or seviyan recipes are not new to Indian cuisine and are made across all the states. It is typically made for sweets and desserts, but not limited to it. Savory snacks can also be made for all purposes. One such hugely popular and yet simple snack is the Namkeen Seviyan recipe known for its simplicity.

Oats Laddu Recipe | Healthy No Sugar Dry Fruits Oats Ladoo

Oats Laddu Recipe | Healthy Sesame Dry Fruits Oats Ladoo with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Laddu and Barfi recipes are common and popular dessert recipes from Indian cuisine. These are generally made with the same set of ingredients making it an ideal sweet snack for various occasions and celebrations. Yet there are other unconventional ingredients and oats are one such ingredient to make a healthy Oats Laddu Recipe.