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Kesar Malai Ladoo Recipe

malai ladoo recipe | malai laddu | milk ladoo | paneer ladoo with step by step photo and video recipe. sweets and dessert recipes are very integral to indian cuisine and is specially prepared for auspicious occasions. it is generally made with milk and nut based sweets & desserts. one such easy and simple recipe is malai ladoo or milk ladoo made from milk solids or indian cottage cheese.

Marie Biscuit Pudding Recipe

marie biscuit pudding recipe | biscuit custard chocolate pudding with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Custard dessert recipes have always been a favorite choice across India. The most common dessert prepared using custard is fruit custard where custard milk is mixed with finely chopped fruits and served chilled. However, custard powder can also be used for other desserts and marie biscuit pudding is one such where custard sauce is poured on stacked marie biscuits.

Instant Crispy Palak Dosa

palak dosa recipe | Instant Crispy Spinach Dosa | Keerai Dosai with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Dosa or instant crisp dosa recipes have become an integral part of South Indian cuisine. It is typically made for morning breakfast, but can also be extended to afternoon lunch or for some lite dinner recipes. The most common recipes are rava dosa or wheat dosa, but they can also be extended to other vegetable-based dosa. One such simple dosa recipe is palak dosa recipe.

Poha Nasta Recipe | Healthy Steamed Vada

poha nasta recipe | Healthy Steamed Vada - Perfect Breakfast recipe with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Poha or a combination of rava and poha have always been one of the popular choices in Indian cuisine. It is typically made as khichdi or upma which makes it one of the popular choices for breakfast or a simple meal. However, the same combination can also be used for simple snacks and poha nasta recipes or also known as Healthy Steamed Vada is one such breakfast or snack recipe.

Hung Curd Sandwich Recipe

hung curd sandwich recipe | dahi sandwich recipe - 3 ways with step-by-step photo and video recipe. There are numerous Indian or desi versions of popular sandwich recipes across India. These are typically an extension of the traditional recipe which include basic sliced vegetables and basic spices. However, there some tailor-made desi recipes and hung curd sandwiches or dahi sandwich recipes is one such creamy and healthy sandwich recipes.

Bendakaya Pulusu Recipe | Okra In Tamarind Gravy

bendakaya pulusu recipe | Okra in tamarind gravy with step-by-step photo and video recipe. South Indian cuisine is synonymous with the types of sambar and rasam recipes it has to offer. These are typically made with a base of mashed lentil or ground coconut masala, which not only gives the taste to it but also a nice semi-thick consistency. However, there are other simple curries that are prepared with a combination of spices and tamarind extract known as pulusu with bendakaya pulusu as one of them.