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Instant Spring Roll Recipe | Bread Spring Roll in 10 minutes

instant spring roll recipe | Bread Spring Roll in 10 minutes with step by step photo and video recipe. Deep-fried snack recipes are one favourite evening tea time snack and are appreciated by all age groups. It is crispy, crunchy and more importantly flavoured with assorted vegetables and thus making it one of the sought after snacks. However, spring roll sheets can be tricky to prepare and there are many simpler alternatives with Bread Spring Roll is one such easy and simple recipe.

Mooli Roti Recipe | Healthy Radish Bread for Blood Pressure Control

Mooli Roti Recipe | Healthy Radish Bread for Blood Pressure Control with step by step photo and video recipe. Roti or paratha recipes are perhaps one of the important and essential staple food for almost everyone. These are typically prepared with either wheat flour or plain flour and are served with a choice of spicy or dry curries. However, this bread can also be prepared with vegetables, spices and herbs added to it to make a complete meal, and Mooli Roti Recipe is one such healthy recipe.

Matar Paneer Recipe | Mutter Paneer | Dhaba Style Matar Paneer...

matar paneer recipe | mutter paneer | dhaba style matar paneer ki sabji with step by step photo and video recipe. Paneer based north Indian curries have always been one of the popular curry choices for most of us. Typically it was introduced as a meat based alternative for vegetarians but has garnered a lot of attention towards it. There are myriad ways of preparing gravy based paneer curries and one such hugely popular north Indian curry recipe is the Matar paneer recipe known for subtle creaminess and flavour.

Sabudana Vermicelli Kheer Recipe | Sabudana Sago & Semiya Payasam

sabudana vermicelli kheer recipe | Sabudana And Semiya Payasam - Sago Payasam with step by step photo and video recipe. Milk-based desserts or kheer recipes are super typical in Indian cuisine. Generally, it is prepared by mixing rice and creamy thick milk which is later cooked and boiled to get a creamy milk dessert. But there are so many variations to this simple dessert recipe. One such simple variation is sabudana vermicelli kheer recipe where both sago pearls and semiya is cooked together as an alternative to rice.

Tan Removal Home Remedies 10 ways | Natural Sun Tan Removal

tan removal home remedies 10 ways | natural sun tan removal at home with step by step photo and video recipe. solar energy from the sun is very important for our metabolism including providing vitamin-d. yet it can introduce unnecessary problems to the skin including the dark patches which may be considered less attractive by most of us. it can be challenging to remove those dark patches without any treatment and this post talks about the 10 most effective tan removal home remedies.

Matar Paneer Pulao Recipe | Kaju Paneer Peas Pulao – Lunch...

matar paneer pulao recipe | Kaju Paneer Peas Pulao - Lunch Box Recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. Pulao or rice based recipes are super popular across Indian states. These types of pulav recipes are typically prepared with choice of vegetables which do taste great but may not be complete meal due to the lack of protein component in it. This problem can be easily mitigated by adding Paneer cubes for vegetarian and matar paneer pulao recipe is one such popular recipe.