Veg Grill Sandwich Recipe | Cheese Vegetable Sandwich On Tawa

veg sandwich recipe | cheese vegetable grill sandwich on tawa with step-by-step photo and video recipe. The sandwich recipe is not a native Indian cuisine recipe but has been widely embraced and adapted. Since its introduction to Indian cuisine, it has evolved and extended to many types of sandwich recipes. One such adapted yet, keeping its simplicity and authenticity is the veg sandwich recipe known for its balanced and comforting taste.

Tomato Oats Recipe | Healthy Weight-Loss Oats Recipe

Tomato Oats Recipe | Healthy Weight-Loss Oats Recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. an...

Ragi Cake Recipe | Eggless Finger Millet Cake – No Sugar,...

ragi cake recipe | eggless finger millet cake - no sugar, no oven with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Cake recipes are a super popular choice in India, particularly with younger audiences for different kinds of celebrations. However, it comes with a baggage high in calories which is termed as unhealthy if eaten or consumed in big amounts. But the same cake can be made healthy and one such healthy cake recipe is ragi cake or finger millet cake.

Lauki Chana Dal Recipe | Healthy Dudhi Chana Dal In Pressure...

lauki chana dal recipe | healthy dudhi chana dal in pressure cooker with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Dal or lentil curry recipes are a popular staple food for many across India. It is typically prepared with either one or a combination of lentils which is later tossed with tomato onion base. However, there are other types of dal recipes with veggies in them and bottle gourd dal or lauki chana dal recipe is one such fusion dal recipe.

Tomato Soup Recipe | Cream Of Tomato Soup – Tips &...

tomato soup recipe | cream of tomato soup | tomatoe soup recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. soup recipes are always a popular choice of appetizer or starter recipe, especially during the outdoor meals. it can range from a vegetable based soup to the myriad offering from the indo chinese cuisne recipes. but this recipe post deals with simple and creamy tomato soup which can be easily prepared at home.

Corn Cutlet Recipe | Crispy Corn Kebab Recipe

corn cutlet recipe | crispy corn kabab recipe | corn kebab recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. like any other vegetable kebab recipe, grated potatoes plays a major role in this recipe. however corn kernels add nice flavour and taste to this kebab recipe. moreover the kebabs in this recipe is deep fried very similar to cutlets and not grilled like any other traditional kebab recipe.