Rava Idli Recipe | Instant Suji Idli in 15 Mins

rava idli recipe | how to make rava idli | instant semolina idli with step by step photo and video recipe. south indian recipes are generally popular for their steamed and clean breakfast recipes. it is either dosa or idli which covers the most of the breakfast recipes offerings. one such easy and simple idli recipe is rava idli recipe which is not only tasty, but also quick and easy to make it.

Palak Soup Recipe | Cream Of Spinach Soup

Palak Soup Recipe | Spinach Soup Recipe | Cream Of Spinach Soup with detailed photo...

Makhandi Halwa Recipe | Caramel Sheera

makhandi halwa recipe | caramel sheera with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Semolina-based sweets or desserts are a common recipe across India and are prepared for various reasons. These recipes are traditional and have been passed down through generations without much change to their style and the way it is cooked. However, some recipes have gone some extensions, and makhandi halwa with caramel sugar is one such recipe.

Indori Poha Recipe – Street Style

indori poha recipe | Street Style Steamed Poha from Indore with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Poha recipes have always been one of the popular ingredients for many Indian recipes. Typically it is added to most of the recipes as supporting ingredients, but there are many poha recipes as the main hero ingredient. One such easy and simple, yet known for its spice blend flavor and various toppings is the Indori Poha recipe.

Masala Pav Recipe | Mumbai Street Style Bhaji Pav Masala

masala pav recipe | bhaji masala pav | mumbai street style pav masala with step by step photo and video recipe. street food in india has become one of the popular and sought after meals from all age groups. due to such high demand, it has led to so many variations to the traditional street food snacks. one such simple variation to the pav bhaji recipe is the masala pav recipe where the same pav bread and bhaji is served in a different way to make it attractive and tasty.

Methi Dal Fry Recipe – Dhaba Style

methi dal recipe | methi dal fry recipe | how to make dal methi fry with step by step photo and video recipe. a simple and healthy dal recipe which can be prepared on daily basis for your daily meals. it is typically prepared with just toor dal and fresh methi leaves, but it can be easily extended with combination of moong dal or masoor dal. further methi leaves are bitter in taste by nature, but when cooked with lentil and spices it turns out to be complete package with balanced taste.