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Sabji Masala Recipe | Multipurpose Sabzi Mix Powder

sabji masala recipe | How to make multipurpose sabzi mix powder with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Curry or sabzi recipes are a staple food for most Indians if not across the globe. It is a must-dish for lunch and dinner and served for various types of bread and flavored rice recipes. These curries are typically tossed and seasoned with a range of spice mix and masala and sabzi masala spice mix is one such powder.

Puttu Recipe | How to Make Kerala Puttu with Tips &...

puttu recipe | puttu with puttu maker | how to make kerala puttu recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. south indian cuisine is hugely popular for its myriad range of healthy and steamed breakfast recipes. it can be either dosa recipes or idli recipes which are prepared with various natively available ingredients. but the other popular steam cake recipe from gods own country is puttu recipe from rice and grated coconut.

Pudina Chutney Recipe | Mint Chutney 2 Ways

pudina chutney recipe | mint chutney 2 ways with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Chutney recipes are super popular across India and are used for various myriad reasons. The majority of the time, these are typically served for morning breakfast or as a taste enhancer with different types of deep-fried snacks or pakoras. One such multipurpose chutney recipe is the pudina ki chutney or mink ki chutney known for its strong refreshing flavour.

Dal Makhani Recipe Restaurant Style in Cooker – Tips & Tricks

dal makhani recipe | restaurant style dal makhani recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. dal makhani one of the favorite dal recipes coming straight from the rich and flavorful punjabi cuisisne. more often this dal recipe is served with plain rice or jeera rice, however this can also be served with rotis and garlic butter naans. dal makhni recipe, was hugely popularized by the migrating punjabi community within india and across the globe. this creamy dal prepared with black urad dal has been widely embraced globally.

Palak Dal Recipe | Hotel Style Spinach Dal – Tips &...

palak dal recipe | hotel style spinach dal - tips & tricks with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Dal recipes are one of the staple food of North India, if not across India. There are many types and variants to this simple curry which differ with the type of lentil used or with additional seasonings used in it. One such easy and simple dal curry recipe is palak dal recipe or commonly known as spinach dal made with spinach leaves seasonings.

Ulli Vada Recipe | Kerala Style Onion Vada

ulli vada recipe | Kerala style onion Vada with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Pakoda or pakora recipes are a popular snack choice across Indian and is made and served for various reasons. The recipe has basic ingredients yet it can be made with different styles with unique tastes. One such simple yet hugely popular onion-based pakora is the Ulli vada or onion vada from South Indian Cuisine known for its taste.