Homemade Cappuccino without Machine in Mixer Blender – 3 Steps

cappuccino recipe | homemade cappuccino recipe | homemade cappuccino coffee with step by step photo and video recipe. coffee beverage is one of the most common beverage consumed across all over the world. it is made and served in different form, with different ingredients with different concentration level. one such simple and easy coffee variation is the homemade cappuccino recipe, known for its froth and flavour.

Badam Pak Recipe | Gujarati Almond Fudge

badam pak recipe | gujarati almond fudge with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Nut or dry fruit-based sweet or dessert recipes are not new to Indian cuisine. There is a wide range of sweets prepared out of it, for various reasons. These are known for their health benefits apart from being a simple dessert. One such easy and simple dessert recipe is the badam pak recipe known for its crunchy and layered texture compared to other Indian sweets.

Cabbage Paratha Recipe | Patta Gobhi Ka Paratha

cabbage paratha recipe | patta gobhi ka paratha | patta gobi paratha with step by step photo and video recipe. paratha recipes are very common across india and are made with myriad vegetables. most of these paratha's are made in a similar fashion were spiced vegetables are stuffed inside a wheat flour bread. one such hugely popular paratha is the cabbage paratha or patta gobhi ka paratha known for its flavor and taste.

Palakura Pachadi Recipe | Andhra Style Spinach Chutney

palakura pachadi recipe | andhra style spinach chutney with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Chutney or pachadi recipes are common condiments prepared as a side dish for various reasons across India. These are prepared with various combinations of ingredients including herbs, spices, and vegetables. One such simple and popular South Indian chutney recipe is the palakura pachadi recipe known for its myriad use cases.

Tomato Pappu Recipe | Tomato Dal – Andhra Style

tomato pappu recipe | tamata pappu | pappu tomato curry with step by step photo and video recipe. pappu recipes are staple food of andhra cuisine and can be made with different flavours. the basic one is just with toor dal which generally has a thick consistency and goes very well with jeera rice or plain rice. but then there are variations to it and tomato pappu recipe is one such simple variation made by adding tomatoes to pappu.

Ragi Mudde Recipe | Finger Millet Balls – Weight Loss Recipe

ragi mudde recipe | ragi ball recipe | finger millet ball | ragi sangati with step by step photo and video. perhaps, one of the healthiest and clean food which is full of multi nutrients and hence it is typically consumed by hardworking farmers. ragi mudde, is typically consumed with thin rasam known as bassaru, or uppesru which is typically prepared with bunch of fresh leafy vegetables and from the decanted water, which remains after steaming lentils.