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Appam Recipe | Homemade Kerala Appam Batter & Veg Stew Combo

appam recipe | How to Make Homemade Kerala Appam Batter & Veg Stew with step by step photo and video recipe. rice and urad dal based recipes are super popular across south India and are prepared mainly for breakfast. the most common recipes are idli and dosa, but they can also be prepared with other forms carrying the same texture and ingredients. one such hugely popular dosa like a recipe is the appam recipe from the Kerala cuisine known for its unique shape and softness.

garlic chutney recipe | lehsun ki chatni | lahsun chutney

garlic chutney recipe | lahsun ki chatni | lahsun ki chutney with step by step photo and video recipe. chutney recipes are one of the favourite condiments recipes for many indian households. basically it is a multipurpose dish which can be served with rice, dosa, idli and any breakfast recipes. hence there is a huge demand for it and can be made with myriad ingredients. one such simple and easy chutney is garlic chutney recipe known for its flavour.

Healthy Weight-Loss Roti Recipe – No Atta No Maida | Vegetable...

healthy weight-loss roti recipe | no atta no maida vegetable roti with step by step photo and video recipe. roti or chapati recipes are generally prepared with wheat or plain flour or a combination of both. these kinds of bread are or have been one of the staple food for ages, but it also comes with carbohydrates which can be avoided for weight watchers. one such wonderful no flour based roti recipe is vegetable-based roti is healthy weight-loss roti known for its taste and fewer carbs.

Hari Matar Pakoda Bajji Recipe | Green Peas Bonda – Tea...

hari matar pakoda recipe | green peas bajji - healthy tea time snack with step by step photo and video recipe. pakoda or pakora recipes have always been one of the popular choices for most of us. these are crispy, crunchy and more importantly, carry an excellent taste because of the deep frying. however, deep frying can be unhealthy and we may need alternative options to it. one such easy and healthy deep-fried pakora recipe is hari matar pakoda recipe known for its taste and use of vegetable puree.

Pakora Batter Recipe | Multipurpose Bajji Batter for 6 different Pakoda

pakora batter recipe | multipurpose pakoda batter for 6 different pakora with step by step photo and video recipe. evening snacks or deep-fried fritters have become an integral part of Indian cuisine because of their huge demand. however, the type of demand for fritters or particularly the vegetable used on those can vary and can be daunting to meet those requirements. well, there is this solution of generic multipurpose pakora batter which can be used for any type of vegetable pakora recipe.

High Calcium Drinks Recipe 4 Ways | Calcium Rich Drinks for...

high calcium drinks recipe | calcium rich drinks recipe for strong bone with step by step photo and video recipe. Indian cuisine is incomplete without mentioning the hot beverages it has to offer. these are mainly dominated by tea and coffee, mostly due to the caffeine in them which eventually leads to addiction and habit. however, these drinks can be easily replaced by other warm and calcium-rich drinks known as high calcium drinks recipe known for improving bone density.