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Kara Dosa Recipe | Uppu Huli Dose | Spicy Dosa

kara dosa recipe | kara dosai | how to make spicy dosa recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. dosa is a staple for many south indians and is mainly made for morning breakfast. it has evolved to many variations with its thickness, ingredients and also with the toppings used in it. one such variations with the toppings is kara dosa recipe topped with a spicy and red coloured ginger and garlic chutney.

Tomato Chutney Recipe | Tamatar Ki Chutney For Idli & Dosa

tomato chutney recipe | tamatar ki chutney | tamatar chutney for idli & dosa with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Chutney or Indian condiment recipes are purpose-based recipes which are typically served as taste enhancers. The purpose and the ingredients of this chutney mainly depend upon the demographic region it hails from like North or South India. However, there are certain chutney recipes which are prepared across India for various reasons and tomato chutney is one of the popular recipes.

Bisi Bele Bath Recipe with Homemade Masala

bisi bele bath recipe | bisibelabath recipe | bisibele bhath or bisibele rice with step by step photo and video recipe. the word bisi bēle bhāt literally means hot lentil rice mixture in kannada language. it is perhaps one of the most common recipe prepared in almost every households in south india. either for breakfast or lunch or even tiffin box, it is one of the most preferred rice recipe.

Dry Fruit Barfi Recipe | Sugar Free Khajoor Dates Barfi

dry fruit barfi recipe | dry fruit burfi recipe | sugar free dry fruit barfi with step by step photo and video recipe. indian sweets recipes are popular and made on several indian festival and celebrations. but most of them are made with huge amounts of sugar or jaggery, and hence may raise eyebrows for diet watchers. dry fruit barfi recipe is the perfect answer for those which does not have any extra sugar added and thus making a healthy sweet.

Banana Halwa Recipe | Kele Ka Halwa | Balehannina Or Pazham...

banana halwa recipe | kele ka halwa | balehannina or pazham halwa with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Indian halwa recipes or barfi recipes are known for super flavoured textured tastes that can be either soft or brittle. Generally, these are prepared with ingredients like lentils, flour or combination of these ingredients. Yet these dessert recipes can also be prepared with other ingredients like fruit and vegetable with banana halwa recipe one such popular Indian sweet.

Pitod Ki Sabji Recipe | Rajasthani Patod Curry | No Vegetable...

pitod ki sabji recipe | Rajasthani patod curry | No Vegetable Curry with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Preparing fancy and premium curries for day-to-day lunch and dinner can be an exhausting task. Particularly when the requirement is for something innovative and tasty, you may soon run out of options. In such scenarios, we may think of something simple to prepare, yet carries the premium weight in it and pitod ki sabji recipe is one such easy option.