Ragi Mudde Recipe | Finger Millet Balls – Weight Loss Recipe

ragi mudde recipe | ragi ball recipe | finger millet ball | ragi sangati with step by step photo and video. perhaps, one of the healthiest and clean food which is full of multi nutrients and hence it is typically consumed by hardworking farmers. ragi mudde, is typically consumed with thin rasam known as bassaru, or uppesru which is typically prepared with bunch of fresh leafy vegetables and from the decanted water, which remains after steaming lentils.

Bombay Chutney Recipe | Besan Chutney for Poori, Idli, Dosa

bombay chutney recipe | besan chutney recipe for poori, idli & dosa with step by step photo and video recipe. chutney recipes are integral part of indian cuisine and are purpose based dish. it is generally consumed as a side dish to a solid food, typically during the morning breakfast meal. one such hugely popular especially in mumbai maharashtra is bombay chutney recipe made with besan flour.

Cutting Chai Recipe | Mumbai Cutting Tea Recipe

cutting chai recipe | mumbai cutting tea recipe | how to make cutting chai with step by step photo and video recipe. a popular refreshing beverage prepared from tea powder/leaves with concoction of milk, sugar, ginger and cardamom cutting chai is basically originated from mumbai, maharashtra which basically means half chai in quantity and price.

Masala Milk Recipe | Doodh Masala with Masala Powder

masala milk recipe | masala doodh recipe is prepared from masala milk powder. this is made with lots of dry fruits and saffron. usually it is very healthy for kids as its full of vitamins and minerals which is very much required for the body.

Masala Vada Recipe | Paruppu Masala Dal Vadai

masala vada recipe | masala vadai | paruppu vadai | chattambade recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. masala vada, also known as chattambade or chana dal vada is a popular deep fried fritters from udupi and mangalore region. basically, it is prepared by grounding the soaked split chickpeas or bengal gram and black gram lentils coarsely and then spiced with chilies and other dry spices. the prepared batter is then deep fried till it is crisp golden in color which can be either served as snack or even as side dish.

Matar Pulao Recipe in Cooker

matar pulao recipe | green peas pulao recipe | matar rice | green peas pulav with step by step photo and video recipe. pulao or rice-based recipes are always one of the popular choices for most of us. it is basically consumed with a choice of spicy curries like sambar, rasam or any tomato onion gravy, but can also be made as flavoured rice too. pulao is one such variety too where a combination of spices, vegetables are added together with rice to form one pot meal and can be served as it is without any sides.