Majjiga Pulusu Recipe | Andhra Majjiga Charu

majjiga pulusu recipe | andhra majjiga charu | buttermilk rasam with step by step photo and video recipe. rasam recipes are one of the essential side dish recipes for many south indian households. it is generally made with combination of spices in a lential based base or with a tomato base. yet it can be made with other ways too and one such simple and easy rasam recipe is the majjiga pulusu or buttermilk rasam.

Jaljeera Recipe | Jal Jeera Drink with Homemade Powder

jal jeera recipe | jal jira or jaljeera recipe | jal jeera drink recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. jal jeera drink is healthy and refreshing drink straight from ayurvedic labs. this medicinal drink not only helps with your digestion problems, it also improves your appetite. in hindi jal means water and jeera or jira means cumin, and mixture of these with other spices and herbs makes this a healthy and refreshing drink.

Coconut Milk Rasam Recipe | Thengai Paal rasam

coconut milk rasam recipe | kayi halu rasam | thengai paal rasam with step by step photo and video recipe. basically, rasam or rasa means flavored liquid or soup prepared with tamarind juice as its base. primarily, rasam recipes are served or consumed with hot steamed rice. however, these days, it is also consumed as soup for common cold and indigestion. furthermore, rasam recipes are even served as cold rasam similar to cold coffee or iced tea. finally, there are several variety of rasam prepared, but today we will discuss about coconut milk rasam.

Shepu Bhaji Recipe | Healthy Dill Bhaji | Shepu Ki Bhaji

shepu bhaji recipe | healthy dill bhaji | shepu ki bhaji with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Dry curry recipes are a popular choice but always take a back seat with gravy-based curries. Yet there are a few sabzi recipes that may not be considered premium but are super popular for their healthy nutrients. One such easy and popular village-style dry curry is shepu ki bhaji known for its vibrant flavor.

Dal Bhat Chokha Recipe | Dal Chawal Chokka

dal bhat chokha recipe | dal chawal chokka with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Dal and rice-based meal combo is a popular meal for lunch and dinner across India. There are many different ways the simple dal curry can be prepared, but the idea remains the same with the same offering. One such easy and simple variation is dal bhat chokha or dal chokka known for its unique potato mash offering with simple dal rice.

Mango Ice Cream Recipe – Homemade Just 5 Ingredients

mango ice cream recipe | how to make homemade mango ice cream with step by step photo and video recipe. ice cream recipes are the flavored desserts recipes in india during the supper or dry season. markets are flooded with several forms of ice creams or ice candies which includes the seasonal fruits and seasonal flavors. one such widely appreciated recipe is homemade mango ice cream recipe.