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Tomato Salan Recipe | Bagare Hyderabadi Tomato Curry

tomato salan recipe | bagare tamatar salan | hyderabadi tomato curry with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Tomato-based curries are not new in Indian cuisine and are made for various reasons. The most common use of tomato-based curries is to be served with different types of rice as a side dish. But the same tomatoes can also be used to make multipurpose curry and tomato salan recipe or Hyderabadi tomato curry is one such curry that can be served with rice and roti too.

Onion Rice Recipe | Simple Lunch Box Combo Meal

onion rice recipe | onion pulao | simple lunch box with leftover rice with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Lunch box recipes are typically dominated by simple and flavored rice recipes. This is mainly due to the fact that flavored rice recipes are easy and simple to prepare, especially with leftover rice. One such easy and simple lunch box recipe is the onion rice recipe, which is not just easy to prepare, but also can be done within minutes.

Bharwa Mirchi Recipe | Stuffed Chilies

bharwa mirchi recipe | bharli mirchi | stuffed chilies | stuffed mirchi with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Stuffed vegetable recipes are always a popular and favorite side dish in Indian cuisine. It is typically stuffed with a blend of spices and is used in myriad ways like curries and snacks. One such multipurpose stuffed vegetable recipe is bharwa mirchi recipe or stuffed chilies which can be used in curries or simply served as a snack meal.

Pazha Payasam Recipe | Mixed Fruit Rice Kheer

pazha payasam recipe | mixed fruit rice kheer | fruit payasam with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Payasam and kheer recipes are always popular dessert choices for most festivals and occasions. It is typically prepared from lentils and rice mixed or cooked in milk for a creamy and flavored texture. However, the same recipes can also be extended by adding a healthy combination of fruits and fruit kheer or pazha payasam recipe is one such dessert.

Sukhdi Recipe | Gujarati Gond Gur Pak

sukhdi recipe | gond pak recipe | Gujarati gond gur papdi with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Barfi or dry square-shaped recipes are common sweet recipes from Indian cuisine. Some of these are purposed-based sweets and some are generic which can be made all seasons for various reasons and occasions. One such all-purpose healthy sweet snack recipe is sukhdi or gond pak recipe known for its simple and tasty flavor using basic ingredients.

Palak Chilla Recipe | Spinach Cheela

palak chilla recipe | spinach cheela | palak cheela with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Morning breakfast is an important meal of the day and has to be a healthy and nutritious meal. There are many traditional super recipes that do satisfy those criteria but may be time-consuming and super long processes to prepare. But there are certain simple and instant recipes that offer all those features and the palak chilla recipe is one such super healthy recipe.