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Chilli Bread Recipe | Spicy & Tasty Bread Snack – Party...

chilli bread recipe | Spicy & Tasty Bread Snack - Party Starter with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Sandwich or toast bread was mainly introduced for morning breakfast with basic vegetables or meat additional. However, the usage of bread has significantly extended and it is used in different types of meals including snacks, starters and street food. One such simple and easy party starter snack meal is the chilli bread recipe known for its sweet and spice taste.

Jowar Paratha Recipe | Healthy Masala Jowar Thepla

jowar paratha recipe | Healthy Jowar Thepla | Sorghum flour paratha with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Wheat and plain flour-based bread or roti recipes are very common across India for their easy preparation and digestion reasons. Yet we look for other better and healthy alternatives as we may develop medical complications. One such easy and healthy alternative roti recipe prepared with sorghum flour is the jowar paratha or thepla known for its taste and filling properties.

Vegetable Pickle Recipe | Instant Mixed Vegetable Achaar

vegetable pickle recipe | mixed vegetable achaar | instant mix veg pickle with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Pickle or achaar recipes are perhaps one of the important yet underrated recipes of Indian cuisine. It is made with myriad ingredients which differ from season to season, region to region of India. However, there are certain pickle or achaar recipes which can be made across the season and are not specific to any state. One such pickle is mixed vegetable achaar made with a choice of veggies.

Vermicelli Vada Recipe | Crispy Semiya Garelu

vermicelli vada recipe | Crispy Semiya Garelu | How to make Vermicelli Vade with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Vada or deep-fried snacks are perhaps one of the most important recipes in our Indian Cuisine. Typically it is made for either morning breakfast as a savoury meal or for a simple evening munching snack with a cup of tea. One such simple and easy tea-time snack meal is vermicelli vada known for its crunchy and savory taste.

Plain Paratha Recipe | 6 Types Of Folding For Chapati

Plain Paratha Recipe | 6 Types of Folding for Paratha or Chapati with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Bread or chapati is an integral part of Indian cuisine and is prepared on daily basis for almost all meals. Typically it is prepared or rolled plain which is quite simple and can be perhaps monotonous. This can be made much more exciting and interesting and this post of Plain Paratha Recipe shows 6 basic and simple paratha folding techniques.

Rice Puri Recipe | No Maida No Atta Chawal Ki Puri

rice puri recipe | chawal ki puri | rice flour poori with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Puri or deep-fried bread recipes are extremely popular across India and are prepared and served for various reasons. These are typically made with wheat or plain flour which gives them a perfectly flaky and puffy texture to it. Yet it can be attempted with other types of flour too and rice flour-based chawal ki puri is one ideal alternative that makes it a complete meal.