diwali recipes | diwali sweet recipes | diwali snacks recipes


diwali recipes | diwali sweet recipes | diwali snacks recipes with step by step photo and video of individual recipes. diwali is a new year festival for india celebrated with several indian sweets and savaoury. deepavali is the festival of light celebrated by indian community all over the world.
diwali snacks recipesdiwali recipes | diwali sweet recipes | diwali snacks recipes with detailed photo and video recipes. basically a hindu festival of lights celebrated during winter season of south east asia. it is a huge festival celebrated especially in india with great joy and enthusiastic. the festival celebration signifies the victory of good over evil and dark. in addition, it is celebrated with lighting up the entire house and by preparing various diwali recipes including indian snack recipes and indian sweet recipes.

deepavali has always been a special festival for me and my family. it has always been a happiest holiday for me. especially because it the family and friends time. moreover, apart from diwali recipes, it is the time for gifts, new dresses, new jewellery and more importantly exchange of diwali recipes including indian sweets and savories. also, it is the time to decorate our house by repainting and make it more attractive. we even buy new household stuff including furniture’s and electronics items.

diwali sweet recipesdiwali is celebrated this year on 30th october, 2016. while the celebrations is followed for 3 continuous days, the pattern may differ from region. particularly in south india the main part of celebration is food and diwali recipes. diwali snack recipes and diwali sweet recipes are given more impotence compared to other recipes. the celebrations begins early in the morning by cleaning our doorsteps and drawing rangolis. this is immediately followed by wearing new clothes and gift exchanges. finally it is the time for tasting the diwali recipes including diwali snacks and diwali sweet recipes.

finally, diwali celebrations are incomplete without the mention of fire crackers. during my childhood, i was more keen towards bursting these fire crackers. basically, i was waiting for diwali just for those glittery fire crackers. however, gradually as i grew up my attention shifted to diwali recipes. initially i was a huge fan of diwali sweet recipes, but now i understand the importance of diwali snack recipes too. finally, wish you and your family a very happy diwali. may god fulfil all your wishes in wealth, health and happiness in your life.

video recipes of diwali sweet and snack recipes:

diwali recipes | diwali sweet recipes | diwali snacks recipes

i have categorized with each individual diwlai recipes. this icludes, diwwali sweet recipes, diwali snack recipes, diwali sweet recipes, diwali main course recipes and diwali curries recipes.

sweet recipe or diwali sweet recipes:

diwali sweets

snack recipes or diwali snack recipes:

diwali snacks

rice recipes or diwali main course recipes:

main course for diwali

curry recipes or diwali curry recipes:

curries for diwalo


  • firstly, some of the recipes may include onion and garlic. if you do not prefer, than you can totally skip it.
  • even though the title for this post is diwali sweet and snack recipes. but i have included the rice recipes and curry recipes too.
  • in this post i have shared recipes prepared across india, and its not region specific.
  • finally, i would like to wish you all happy diwali. enjoy this diwali with diwali recipes mentioned in this post especially the sweets and snacks recipes.



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