diwali sweets recipes | easy diwali dessert recipes


diwali sweets recipes | easy diwali dessert recipes with detailed photo and video recipes. basically, a recipe collection post specifically for diwali sweets and diwali desert recipes. these sweets recipes for diwali can also be shared with family and friends.
easy diwali dessert recipesdiwali sweets recipes | easy diwali dessert recipes with step by step photo and video recipes. diwali celebration / deepavali celebration is incomplete without sweets prepared especially during the diwali festival occasions. well some prefer to prepare these sweets well ahead in advance. and some prefer to prepare on the diwali day. in this post i have tried to collect most of the sweets and dessert recipes which is very popular during diwali celebrations. having said that, this list is not complete yet and will continue to grow.

while most of the indian festival is incomplete without the indian sweets. however, diwali is very special and unique for most of the indians. it becomes very special as in this festival we usually share sweets between our friends, family and even neighbour. traditionally, diwali celebrations were mainly focused with dessert recipes like kheer, gulab jamun and rasgulla. however, these days diwali sweets recipes include popular for dry sweets recipes too. perhaps, it is much easier compared to diwali dessert recipes to share with friends and families.

diwali sweets recipesfurthermore, there is a common myth about diwali sweets recipes. most of them believe that diwali sweets has to be fancy and decorative. well i would completely disagree and you can equally enjoy with simple and homely sweet recipes. for example, i have posted kaju katli or kaju roll recipe, but i have not used edible silver foil (varq) for these sweets. even without it, it tastes great and looks amazing. i agree it adds the glitter and makes your sweet more presentable. but at the end of the day i believe in taste and healthy sweets to be shared with your family and friends.

in conclusion, i request you to visit my other diwali recipes collection which includes snacks and main course for diwali. in addition to diwali sweets recipe check my other collection of recipes like indian rice recipes collection and indian curry recipes collection.

video collection of diwali sweets recipes:

collection of diwali sweets recipes

this section has the collection of indian sweet recipes from north india and south india. each recipes opens in a new window and it would have detailed step by step photo and video recipe.

diwali sweets

collection of easy diwali snacks recipes

this section has the collection of indian diwali snacks recipes. each recipes opens in a new window and it would have detailed step by step photo and video recipe.

diwali snacks


  • firstly, use edible silver foil (varq) for sweets to make it more rich.
  • furthermore, make sure to use fresh ghee if you want to store for more days.
  • also, use saffron food colour if you do not have saffron.
  • finally, with the diwali sweets recipes, adjust the sweetness to your choice and enjoy diwali.



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