Raita Recipe 3 Ways | Authentic Raita For Pulao & Biriyani

raita recipe | Authentic Raita for Pulao & Biriyani with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Indian meals and recipes are known for their range of spices used to prepare a spicy and flavored meal. Typically, these spicy meals are balanced with an accompaniment that elevates the flavor and also lowers the spice effect. One such popular accompaniment is yogurt or curd-based raita known for its creamy and digestive benefits when served as an accompaniment.

Baby Corn Manchurian Recipe – Dry Street Style

baby corn manchurian recipe | baby corn manchurian dry recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. an ideal starters recipe prepared with manchurian sauce and baby corn fritters. in other words, baby corn manchuri recipe is very similar to gobi manchuri recipe. however, baby corn manchuri recipe would be more spicy as compared to later. moreover, baby corn manchurian recipes are more crispy and more tasty compared to other manchurian recipe.

Lauki Thalipeeth Recipe | Healthy Bottle Gourd Dudhi Thalipeeth

Lauki Thalipeeth Recipe | Healthy Bottle gourd Dudhi Thalipeeth with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Thalipeeth or Rotti Recipe is a common South Indian delicacy made for various reasons. Typically it is made with rice or jowar flour, but it can be easily mixed and matched to make it more interesting and nutrient-rich. One such innovative and exciting thalipeeth is the lauki thalipeeth known for its attractive and tasty texture.

Red Chutney Recipe For Chaat | Red Chilli Garlic Chutney

red chutney recipe for chaat | chilli garlic chutney | red garlic chutney with step by step photo and video recipe. it is one of the must chutney recipe whenever you are planning for some lip smacking indian chaat recipes. in other words, any chaat recipe is incomplete without red garlic chutney and it would taste ordinary. basically the combination of green chutney, tamarind chutney and red chutney recipe would lift any chaat recipe.

Paneer Paratha Recipe – Tips & Tricks

paneer paratha recipe | how to make paneer paratha with step by step photo and video recipe. these paratha's can be easily consumed as it self or perhaps with a big slice of butter or curd. but certainly it would taste great with any curries recipe too. additionally, these paratahas can be prepared in any shape like square, triangle and even heptagonal.

Pesarattu Recipe | Green Gram Moong Dal Dosa

pesarattu recipe | moong dal dosa recipe | how to make pesarattu dosa with step by step photo and video recipe. it is also known as mla pesarattu dosa which is usually served with combination upma which is very simillar to masala dosa. this type of dosa is very famous in coastal place of andhra pradesh, especially in guntur and godavari districts.